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    Tainted Waters: The Wrath of Suicune

    Rated: T

    Moderated by: Flydro


    It has been almost five years since the fall of the notorious Team Rocket. After facing defeat, boss Giovanni disbanded the entire organization and quietly went underground. Though he hasn’t been seen or heard from since, the legacy he left behind has still remained strong within the criminal pokemon world. A few feeble attempts had been made to bring Team Rocket back to power, though all have failed due to lack of leadership and organization. Once considered a big threat within the pokemon world, the name of Team Rocket has been reduced to nothing more than a bad joke. However, someone has been waiting for the right time to bring the group back to power, which may happen soon enough.

    Recently, there have been reports of wild pokemon acting strangely in some areas of Johto. For some reason, wild pokemon are becoming increasingly aggressive towards people and have started to attack even when unprovoked. Researchers and scientists have linked the problem with an increase in unknown chemicals in the water. Wild pokemon who ingest these chemicals seem to become hyper aggressive and receive an increase in power and stamina, making them dangerous and harder to takedown. The severity of the problem is increasing, mostly due to the recent disappearance of the legendary pokemon Suicune, who served as guardian of the waters of Johto. The fact that the crystal bells in Ecruteak City no longer ring or make any sound is a sign that Suicune is in trouble. Eusine, a well-known legendary beast researcher and Suicune expert, leads the investigation and hunt for the missing pokemon. There have also been scattered incidents of crime being commited by an unknown group of people that are seemingly connected in some way, and there are rumors going around thatTeam Rocket is behind it all…


    Silver, the son of Giovanni, is the cause of all the trouble. He too had been training underground just like his father did, and is now following in his footsteps to carry out his own plan to bring Team Rocket back to full power. He spent years studying pokemon behavior and learning what makes them become stronger. Through extensive research and experimentation, he developed a liquid chemical called Rage Nectar (or RNx). When given to a pokemon, RNx causes them to enter a state of pure aggression called “raging”. A pokemon that is raging first responds by having its eyes glow red or green, and then receives a sharp increase in power and stamina. While raging, a pokemon is considered to be mentally unstable and has difficulty suppressing its urge tofight, attacking anyone who is perceived as a threat. It is difficult to get a pokemon back to its normal state once it starts to rage, and will only stop once it receives enough damage, is immobilized for an extended period of time, or until it faints. As part of his plan to “enhance” Johto’s wild pokemon and turn them into stronger versions of themselves, Silver has managed to forcefully capture Suicune and hold it against its will so that he may perform experiments on it to increase its strength. With Suicune out of the way, the Rage Nectar can effectively be introduced into the environment without having to worry about the water being purified of the chemicals. While underground, Silver has grown stronger than ever before and is now as ruthless as Giovanni once was. It has taken him years to realize his dream of bringing Team Rocket back to power after his own father had left him after suffering defeat, a grudge he still bears to this day. He has recruited a solid team of Team Rocket members and plans to take the team worldwide, something Giovanni had never been able to do. With his newly developed weapons in his arsenal Silver is finally ready to put his plans into place and unless someone stops him, the snickers and laughs that are heard at the mention of Team Rocket will soon turn into cries of panic as uncontrolled rage sweeps through the world of pokemon.

    Time and Setting:

    Current time setting with all regions and pokemon being available. The RP will mainly take place in the Johto region, but there will be some traveling to other locations as well.

    Your Role:

    You will be part of a team recruited by Eusine to help investigate the cause of the wild pokemon attacks while he travels in search of Suicune’s whereabouts. As you go along, you may meet both allies who will help you as well as enemies who will stand in your way. The mission will be dangerous for both you and your pokemon, but the cause for protecting all pokemon everywhere is worth fighting for.


    1. All out of character discussion will go in this thread only. No OOC posting in the main RP thread

    2. No god-modding or power playing

    3. Post Length – all posts should be at least 3-4 paragraphs minimum. Give the roleplayers something to read and help keep the story going

    4. Please use proper grammar, spelling, and usage (form) when posting. Not everyone is perfect but please try to maintain good form

    5. Try to follow the storyline. Please read and make sure you know what’s going on before you post

    6. Try and be as active as possible. If you are busy or cannot find time to post for some reason, let everyone know or PM me if you need to make arrangements or else you will be dropped

    7. This RP is rated T – there will be violence and maybe some mild cursing, but don’t get too excessive

    8. Follow all other PC Roleplaying rules otherwise not covered here

    9. Have fun with it!

    Sign Up Form:





    Bio: (provide background information on your character’s history)

    Appearance: (describe in detail or post a picture)

    Personality: (describe what your character’s personality is like)

    Pokemon: (for now max 5 and only 3 fully evolved pkmn per person to allow room for growth)




    Moveset: (only 4)

    Bio: (brief description of your character’s history with this pokemon)

    RP Sample: (optional. If you feel your sign up and RP style is strong enough then you don’t have to give a sample, but I may ask for one before accepting you into the story if I feel more is needed)

    My Sign Up:


    Name: Randy Carter

    Age: 17

    Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto

    Bio: Randy is a traveling pokemon trainer from Johto. He was born and raised in Azalea Town, where he spent most of his childhood. One day while exploring Ilex forest as a kid, he got lost and couldn’t find his way out. As he searched for a way out hecame across the Ilex Shrine, which is said to be in honor of the guardian of the forest. While resting at the shrine, Randy ended up falling asleep until he was woken up by a flash of green light in a nearby tree. He couldn’t make out the pokemon causing the light so he decided to try and get a closer look, chasing the mysterious glowing pokemon until it eventually led him to the wayout of the forest so he could return home. Although he never found out what pokemon it was and never saw it again, the experience was enough to inspire him to go on his own adventure as a pokemon trainer.

    Randy spends most of his time traveling throughout the regions and has spent time in both Kanto and Hoenn. Currently, he is spending his time training in his home region of Johto after returning from a short visit to the Hoenn region. He was surprised to find that there were strange things going on with the wild pokemon in the area when he got back. On his way home he passed through Ilex Forest where he encountered a strange wild Poliwag. Normally docile, Randy could see that the pokemon was under stress because its eyes were glowing red and it wanted to do nothing but fight. He tried his hardest to calm it down but the Poliwag repeatedly tried to attack him with bubble and doubleslap. Knowing the pokemon wasn’t acting like itself, Randy decided to run away from it rather than fight it and managed to get away safely. When he did get home, he saw a news reporton TV discussing the recent mysterious behavior concerning the wild pokemon insome areas of Johto. After seeing it first hand, Randy is interested to find out more about what’s been going on while he was away.

    Appearance: Randy stands at about 5’9 with an average build, and has green eyes with somewhat messy, icy blue hair. For clothing he sports a green t-shirt and a light pullover hoodie, which is gray in color with blue pokeball symbols on one of the sleeves. For headwear he has a blue camouflage bucket hat, a present given to him by his father on the day he first set out on his journey. He also wears gray cargo pants along with a pair of matching blue sneakers. Randy keeps his pokemon at his waist attached to his belt, where he can easily access their pokeballs if he needs to. He is usually seen accompanied by his Gengar, where it spends most of its time hiding in Randy’s shadow or floating around at his side.

    Personality: For the most part Randy is generally laid back and easy going. He is also very goofy and will do anything for a good laugh. When he first set out on his journey he often rushed into things without thinking, but he has grown a lot during his travels in both the way he connects with his pokemon and his battling styles. As a trainer he is not one to shy away from a battle and never underestimates his opponent, a solid lesson he applies to the way he trains and battles with his pokemon. There is a caring side to him that shows in the way he raises and takes great pride in his pokemon, taking the time to develop his bond with them and doing anything he can to keep them happy and safe. Whenever he is faced with a tough situation, Randy always puts the well-being of his pokemon ahead of his own safety. He enjoys traveling with his pokemon and meeting new people, and is always looking for a new challenge or adventure.


    Name: Gengar (Spook)

    Ability: Levitate

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Shadow Ball, Icy Wind, Will O Wisp, Dark Pulse

    Bio: Spook was Randy’s first pokemon and is the one he shares the closest bond with. They met one night when a wild Gastly appeared and tried to scare him on his way home. Instead of frightening him the pokemon’s prank attempts made Randy laugh and they became fast friends. Gastly ended up following him home, and Randy made the choice to nickname it and keep it as his first pokemon. Spook evolved into Haunter while training one night in the Ice Path near Mahogany Town, and evolved again into Gengar when Randy briefly traded it to a friend for use in a gym battle. Spook spends most of its time outside of its pokeball traveling with Randy.

    Name: Skarmory (Raptor)

    Ability: Sturdy

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Steel Wing, Aerial Ace, Iron Defense, Spikes

    Bio: Skarmory was hatched from an abandoned egg Randy found near Blackthorn City. From the moment it hatched, it proved difficult to control and was always wanting to battle. Even in its early stages as a baby it would always be eager to fight no matter how strong the opponent was. Although it often disobeyed him at first, Randy spent much of his time bonding with Skarmory through training and tough battles. Raptor has grown and matured under the care of his trainer, and still maintains the same fighting spirit it had as a baby. When traveling, Raptor is often used to fly as a means of transportation.

    Name: Electrike (Flash)

    Ability: Static

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Shock Wave, Quick Attack, Spark, Howl

    Bio: Randy encountered Electrike while traveling in Hoenn. He was passing through a meadow when he came across a group of wild Electrike that tried to ambush him. Although it wasn’t too hard holding them off, their strength in numbers and speedy attacks made escaping almost impossible, so Randy was forced to stand his ground. During the battle with the Electrike pack, he decided to capture one of them since they were not native to his region. An oddly colored blue Electrike caught his eye and he successfully caught it. Flash is loyal towards Randy and has a habit of shocking him when he gets happy or excited.

    Name: Fraxure (Haxle)

    Ability: Mold Breaker

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Dual Chop, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Iron Tail

    Bio: Randy met Haxle during a battle against a Unova native trainer named Jordan, who had challenged him to a battle in order to use his newly caught Axew. During the battle, the Axew would not listen to any of Jordan's commands and was getting very hurt as a result. In turn, Randy forfeited the battle and went with Jordan to a pokemon center to heal his pokemon. While waiting, he vented his worries concerning Axew's behavior to Randy, who offered to help. Jordan agreed and lent Axew to Randy for one week, and they spent time training and winning battles. The two formed a friendly bond and Axew became so attached to Randy that it became very depressed when it was returned to its trainer. Jordan noticed this, and wanting his pokemon to be happy, released it and allowed it to choose. Axew caught up with Randy and challenged him to a battle to test his skills as a trainer, and ended up being caught after a tough battle against his Electrike. It has since been very happy with its new trainer, and evolved during a gym battle against Norman's Vigoroth in Petalburg City.

    Name: Pansear (Pyro)

    Ability: Blaze

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Heat Wave, Scratch, Leer

    Bio: Pansear is Randy’s second hatched pokemon and the newest addition to his team. While visiting the day care couple near Goldenrod City they gave him a special egg they had been looking after as a gift, stating that it was left with the couple by a trainer from another region who didn’t have time to keep it and that he would be the perfect person to look after it. Randy kept the egg with him as he traveled, and it hatched at a pokemon center. When Pansear met its new trainer it mistakenly hiccupped and let out a small Heat Wave attack, nearly burning him in the process. Randy took it all in stride and welcomed his new baby pokemon to the team, promising that they will both become stronger as friends. Because it is still a baby and has no battling experience, Pansear can’t fully execute its fire attacks just yet.

    Main Characters (Accepted Roleplayers):

    1. Randy Carter (Flydro)

    2. Aria Bloome (juniebug910)

    3. Judai Inuzuka (Detwak)

    4. Derek Affe (Icy Burn)

    5. Aaron Donaldson (TurkishDelight)

    6. Ben Foster (-Sam)

    7. Dalex Haven (Iceman3317)

    8. Joseph Bartholomew (Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers)

    9. Samantha Heights (InkFrog)


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