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Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
It just sounds boring because it's like the script writers just put zero effort into it. It doesn't need to be award winning at all but the lack of effort to me is very blatent and annoying. There are tons of kids shows who care about the scripts so I'm afraid the "it's for kids" claim loses a significant amount a validity in my book. It's not all bad but half the time I feel like snoring thanks to the dialogue. Even if the episode is good.
If there are tons of kids show with somewhat complex dialogue then could you give some examples? Due to the TV Guidance rating Y-7 where I live I am hard pressed to hear dialogue that is really going to intriguing from Pokemon Anime. So I think to myself, would I really go into watching the show expecting something more than what general "kiddy" shows have to offer? No, cause it is rated for kids and generally panders to a child audience. The game rating may be E for everyone, and everyone may like it but that doesn't mean everyone likes every aspect of them. Same applies to the Anime, just cause it can cater to everyone doesn't mean everyone likes or finds portions of the show great or even fine which in this case would be the dialogue.

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