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Natsumi Aido - floor 1 (starter city) - level 12

Natsumi opened the door of her house to walk to the market were the NCP'ers sold food, she still couldn't believe what had happened. Being able to live in this game was everything she had been dreaming of the last few days before the log out button magically dissapeared, then why wasn't she happy?

Natsumi bought lots of fruits and walked back home with her filled basket, walking like a real lady without noticing herself.

She opened the door of her house. In the kitchen was a table and thats were she places the fruit basket as a flashback took place in her brain.


Natsumi smashed another monster and killed it in an instant, Daisuko glancing at her and nodding. "and again, An amazing win." he commented with his handsome voice. Natsumi only smiled as she stood forward the next monster. Daisuko turned his back to her and took care of the swine behind him.

"gah… i'm so hungry…" Natsumi's tummy gave a loud dying whale voice after some time. "i'm guessing my sister finished dinner, so i'll be logging out." Natsumi told Daisuke. "okay, see ya later." Daisuki gave her a warm smile and saw her opening the menu.


"…where's the log out button…?" Natsumi asked but Daisuko was too busy. She checked it again, and again, and again, untill several minutes had passed.

"Come with me!" Natsumi grabbed Daisuko's hand and ran off while dragging him along. "hey! I had almost finished it!" Daisuko nagged along the way, but Natsumi didn't listen. "something is terribly wrong… and we're not gonna fight monsters, 'till i know what." Natsumi said while running back to starter city.

-Flasback end-

Natsumi found herself eating grapes as she came back with her brain, she hadn't said a word to anyone today, not even to herself. She decided to get some fresh air outside so far it's fresh in a virtual world.

As she walked around town she saw some players still freaking out about the situation, some were even crying. It's no wonder they are, they've probely lost a friend for good. Natsumi's face turned sad just thinking about the death.
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