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    Originally Posted by Circaoffire View Post
    It's typing makes it really effective. What I set out to do was cover almost the whole spread of types with my team. Dragonite has STAB Dragon/Flying, and useful with electric moves, Tyranitar STAB Rock/Dark, Golurk STAB Ghost/Ground and he looks really cool :D, Lapras Ice/Water STAB, Lucario for STAB Steel/Fighting, and Volcarona for STAB Fire/Bug plus it has a decent grass move . Then one of them (can't remember which) has a psychic move, and i only miss poison and normal :D

    But, Golurk has been edited myself to have a better move set. Not OP, just more reasonable for his ability and typing. I did a few modifications with my game, so that's why I opted to keep him
    Erm, prior to the Physical/Special split the Ghost type(Shadow Punch) was physical, which means that it will take advantage from Golurk's high ATK. But I sort of disagree with you. Sometimes STAB is useless if the differance between the mon's ATK and sATK is too large. (Say 115 and 65)