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Yuki smiled and nodded shortly towards Shawn, Alex and Catches and continued to stand there, turning her head to the left and to the right, eyes still frantically in search of Amber. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw an Emolga swoop off a window sill and headed directly for her. She flinched and ducked in fear that the flying Pokemon might hit her, but the Emolga avoided, flew gracefully around her and landed by her feet; a piece of paper in hand. Yuki then recognized the Pokemon as Zapper belonging to Shawn. She looked questioningly at the little Emolga as Zapper held out the piece of paper. Yuki accepted the paper and began to read.

“…Zapper…help me…find Amber…from Shawn…oh!” Yuki looked up at Zapper with a smile of delight. “Really, you…you’re going to help me..? Oh…thank you! Th-thank you so, so much…!” She bent down and petted the little Emolga gratefully between the ears. She didn't know that her first day at the Academy was going to be like this. She had never expected any of this.

Amber the Cyndaquil wondered around nervously. Since Yuki had turned away from her to help her friend, the Cyndaquil had lost sight of her and her friends. Although she still felt slightly annoyed towards her trainer for dropping her, she felt nervous without her protecting figure by her side. She had never gone anywhere without Yuki in her life. Their voices could not be heard any longer, but instead, the sound of running water reached her ears. Water! The little Pokemon perked up slightly, suddenly acknowledging her thirst, and made her way towards the sound of the water source filled with slight hope, ears and eyes open and alert to any signs of danger and her trainer.
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