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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
So guys, I have my own coming out story. I'm really sorry for changing the subject, but I kinda have to tell somebody...
A couple of days ago, my friends and I were drinking, and well, one of my best friends and I usually stay awake until the morning, while the others go to sleep. And so, when only the two of us stayed awake, he questioned why I never had a relationship, and why I hate talking about love, relationships, etc. I tried avoiding the answer as much as possible, but in the end, I told him. I thought that at least he wouldn't make a big scene out of it, since he's the only one out of my friends (Or all the people I know) who didn't show any signs of homophobia. But it didn't go so well. His replies were mostly something like "It's just a phase", "You're just confused" or, my personal favorite, "You need to change that. Maybe see a psychologist". After about 1 minute of awkward silence, he went to sleep. Since all the other go to sleep early, there's usually only one bed remaining, and we've slept on it together many times. This time, I found him sleeping on the floor.

Sure enough, he deleted me on Facebook, and never contacted me again. I've lost a friend. Guessed I've learned my lesson

Being gay is destroying my life. Every day I'm surrounded by homophobic people, and now this happened. I'm starting to feel depressed...

Again, I'm really sorry for posting stuff like this, but I just had to tell someone, and PC is currently the only place where I feel accepted.

(I posted this once already a couple of days ago, but soon deleted it since I didn't want to change the topic, but I think it's okay now...)
This is one of the reasons why I advise against actively coming out, and instead tell people to just passively be out.

A lot of liberal LGBT activists (I don't mean that in a political sense, necessarily) want people to come out as soon as possible. Many even out people against their will. I say that the time, place, manner, and audience should be completely up to the individual in all cases. For someone who is surrounded by homophobic people, and especially if the person is dependent on said homophobic people for the necessities of life, then waiting is a perfectly acceptable choice. I don't think that means that you're living a lie, or are self-hating.