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    Time to continue. Before I do though, if it is possible, would I be able to change Celebi to Tyranitar? The reason is because Celebi can't be obtained until after I beat the Champion.

    -Received the Running Shoes
    -Obtained the Town Map
    -Obtained the Bicycle
    (Insert Pokemon catching demo here)
    -Caught Haineko the Purrloin (F, Lv.2)
    NB: It may seem odd, but Haineko will always know Growl. This is because I named her after the Zanpakuto used by Rangiku Matsumoto and the release command is Growl. Also I actually forgot to nickname Purrloin but I will be referring to her as Haineko and will be changing the name as soon as I can.
    -Caught Caught Hyorinmaru the Gible (F, Lv.1)
    NB: Hyorinmaru is usually a name I reserve for Articuno or Kyurem, however I decided to use it for Gible as I won't be catching either of those two in this challenge.
    -Haineko learned Growl
    -Hyorinmaru learned Sand-Attack
    -Met Alder
    -Arrived in Floccesy Town
    -Haineko learned Thief
    -RyujinJaka learned Odor Sleuth
    -Haineko learned Assist
    -Hyorinmaru learned Dragon Rage

    -Was challenged by Rival Sosuke
    -Rival Sosuke sent out Taillow (M, Lv.9)
    -All things in the universe turn to ashes, RyujinJaka (F, Lv.11)
    -Taillow got in a Quick Attack, a Peck and a Growl before being taken down
    -Rival Sosuke sent out Oshawott (M, Lv.11)
    -Reign over the frosted heavens, Hyorinmaru (F, Lv.9)
    -Oshawott used Tackle before being hit with Dragon Rage
    -Rival Sosuke was defeated

    -Saved progress for now


    RyujinJaka/Tepig (F, Lv.12)
    Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Odor Sleuth

    Haineko/Purrloin (F, Lv.10)
    Scratch, Growl, Thief, Assist

    Hyorinmaru/Gible (F, Lv.9)
    Tackle, Sand-Attack, Dragon Rage
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