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    Can I join? This is the SU, I hope it`s good.

    Name: Roy Seinto
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Roy has a pale skin and a dark mid length hair, his eyes color are black and his face is pointy, he isn`t muscular but not thin either, he wears a black T-shirt with a dark red sand-clock symbol on it, black jeans and black shoes, when it`s colder he wears a long black coat with stripes on it []

    Personality: Roy has an impulsive mind, he often gets people he care about hurt and so he doesn`t makes friend so often; he usually will be the lone wolf, the solo player. He knows that he will need friends to help him, but he is too afraid that he will hurt them.

    History: Roy had a beautiful life, his parents loved him a lot, he was their world and they were his. He lived in a small town with his family, every day he returned home his parents were there to hug him, but one day they couldn`t.

    One day a burglar broke into Roy`s house and when he saw Roy`s parents he killed them without double thinking. Roy returned home and he saw an ambulance in front of it, he asked the paramedic what happened, and he said that the two persons that were there was shot, three bullets hit each of them, no one survived.

    Agonized and lost, Roy ran away from his previous life, he wanted to start a new life. And when he saw that Professor Vayne was looking for trainers to give them Pokémon he knew that this will be his new life.

    Starter Pokemon:
    Species: Charmander
    Moves: Ember and Scratch
    Pokemon Gender: Male
    Representative Legendary: Moltras
    RP Sample: My last RP post was a long time ago, so I`ll write about the dream my character had.

    Roy found himself in a dark room, he couldn`t see anything, he felt strange, he felt he isn`t himself, he felt heat but he wasn`t afraid of it and it didn`t hurt him. He searched for a switch, but he didn`t found, and then he heard someone. He didn`t heard a door open or closed so he thought that this person was always there, he heard a voice, he tried to recognize it, but he couldn`t, something in his mind told him that he should know who it is, but he couldn`t. The person said "Beware of the Oracle…"

    Roy woke up from his dream, glad that it was just a dream. He opened his eyes and stood up, he felt that he have a lot of energy in him but he didn`t know why; but then he remembered his dream, he thought for himself, what if this is not just a dream?
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