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Name: Mononoke Hime

2 Partner Pokemon: Vaporeon and Suicune

Why do you want to swim with us? Because, as I've already said in some thread, the majority of my favorite pokemons is water-type.
I'm a borderline between the elements of water and air.
Water makes me calm, and is the element of change. Without change, the Universe would collapse.
Also, I love to imagine how could be to surf in a pokemon like Gyarados, Lapras or Suicune. These are diferent surf "styles", and in my head they're amazing. I also do this with fly, but that's not the case here.
By the way, blue is my favorite color. ♥

Which Water type Pokemon do you like the least? Why? Hmm, let's see... I really hate both Marill and Azumarill. The design freaks me out. They're Easter eggs.