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    Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
    True,but one thing I don't understand is,why did Zekrom appear in the first episode and who woke him up? Uselly the movies don't tie in with the Anime,which kinda makes what I said earlyer useless. I hope Zekrom reappears other wise that would be a useless point in the anime. We have hardly seen anything about Reshiram,Zekrom,and Kyreum in the anime other than the movies.
    Legends don't tend to have roles in the Anime. Unova is one of the few regions where they use the Major legends freely. Other than the older episodes, the legends have been seen in control of a human which almost contradicts the mysticism given to them in the beginning. It used to be shown but not known.

    I can only remember Lugia, The Kami Trio, Meleotta, Regi, and Articuno getting major appearances. Sure there were a ton of minor ones, but those had episodes centered around them.

    Zekrom's only purpose seems to have been for Pikachu's Reset, which was bascially a repeat, or even threepeat of when Ash left his home region fresh. (just Pikachu)

    I think Pikachu got the electric sickness in both Hoenn and Sinnoh at the beginning of each anime where he gets supercharged and then quickly releases all the electricity built up weakening him. Zekrom's appearance stole Pikachu's strength early in and Pikachu had to build up electricity again leaving it weaker than it was before.

    They also never said Zekrom was asleep in the Anime. From what I remember, Zekrom and Reshiram were very much awake and roaming freely in the Anime, they were just impossible to find.
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