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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance continued to walk, that is, until Zane called after him. He turned and glared angrily at the Bisharp. Just why should he calm down!? Their leader had been keeping some secret that in essence destroyed their entire society. It wasn't fair! Not fair at all! What really caught Penance's attention however was Guardia. The Zangoose looked to be in some kind of daze. She had a book in her hands. Hm... she had obviously found something that had either blown her mind with knowledge... or had just further solidified what Penance had said. For a few minutes Zane just read whatever was written and Penance had to admit he was rather curious. Then he began to pass the notes around. Penance read over the notes quickly, his eyes flashing over key words. However instead of becoming angrier he actually began to smile. He soon began to chuckle and then he was laughing rather loudly. He dropped the paper he had been reading and his back pressed against a book shelf as he practically screamed with laughter, so much so that tears began to leak out of his eyes. He got it now!

    Lyn just spoke out loud his suspicions as the Golduck continued to laugh. "Oh! That is rich! He got us!" He laughed a bit more before his mirth died down to mere giggles. "He traveled with us all around just to spite us! He KNEW we would find this information! He was in the joke the entire time! Genius!" He burst into more laughter, enough so that his ribe began to hurt from the force of his laughter, but it was just too hilarious! The guy that started this all... and he had been with them! Hell! He had ordered him to be saved at the ambush site! Pure genius!

    Penance, after a while, just pressed his back on the shelf for support as he wheezed for a bit. "Oh... that is too good! It's just like a plot from a book!" He wiped the tears from his cheeks once more. "Oh... my ribs..." A few chuckles escaped his bill but he pulled himself together. "Oh... first Rey... and now this. I think a few Legendaries are pulling us around eh?" He chuckled a bit more at his comment. "This is just too rich. Probably been in planning for who knows how long? Oh, I have to give props to him, that is a genius plan! Never suspected him!"