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    "Hey! Hey Hanso! I found something you might want to hear," called Ignus as he hurried to catch up, "but first, let me hear what you've found," he added, nodding towards the book under Hanso's arm.

    Hanso glanced over, noting the scroll Ignus had. "Once everyone's back together," he replied, looking back at Vigil...who was listening to an upset Penance. Hanso himself heard what the Golduck had found, followed by--

    "Whatever he sent Auron and the others to find... it corrupted them or something like that. Rey knew about it this whole f**king time!" Penance snapped as he crumbled up the paper and tossed it to the ground. "This whole thing was because Rey knew something! He f**king knew and he didn't do anything about it!" He turned away from the others and began to walk away and threw his hands up into the air. "I give up! If our own leader hadn't even bothered with telling us all what would happen then let's just let Albia go to s**t! He certainly didn't care!"
    Penance paused suddenly and grabbed his emblem on his arm and glared at the others. "Everything I thought I knew was a lie. I see it all now! Auron used them like-like tools! Animals to the slaughter! He didn't want to deal with it, so why not just send some Gold Tribe instead!? This... THIS IS JUST TRASH NOW!"

    Hanso walked over and crouched down to pick up the emblem Penance had just thrown down, noting the crack. So Rey knew what he was sending Auron and the others to find... Hanso straightened, looking back at the Golduck's back. Yes, Rey knew about it, but the Gallade wasn't about to let Penance abandon the whole cause! He began to follow the Golduck, then stopped short as he realized that Lyn was silent to Zane's inquiries. She brought a book over to Zane, who began reading...and got just as speechless. Thankfully, Penance had turned back as well. As Zane began passing the documents around, Hanso did the same with the book he'd found, eventually getting the book Lyn had found.

    He had to put it down on a table after the first few pieces of information, his hands were shaking. It all made sense now. All of it. Somehow, this crystal's prisoner had taken ahold of Auron and influenced his comrades, turning them into the Sentinels and bringing back the armies of Ancients. After taking some deep breaths to calm himself, Hanso passed on the book, thinking. The Silver Crystal is the cause of why don't we remove it? The danger there was that it might end up possessing one of them. Unless we have a cloth or something covering it...not to mention we'd need to remove it first, and having the Gold Crystal would help...

    Then Penance began laughing. Hanso took a step forward, then hesitated. Which Penance was this? Then it got worse as Lyn put voice to something: Noctus Gamble. Hanso found himself leaning an arm on the table for support. Noctus Gamble. Galleon Gamble. It couldn't be a coincidence...could it? And the Cacturne hadn't left Albia with them.

    "Oh! That is rich! He got us!" Penance laughed a bit more before his mirth died down to mere giggles. "He traveled with us all around just to spite us! He KNEW we would find this information! He was in the joke the entire time! Genius!" He burst into more laughter, enough so that his ribe began to hurt from the force of his laughter, but it was just too hilarious! The guy that started this all... and he had been with them! Hell! He had ordered him to be saved at the ambush site! Pure genius!

    Penance, after a while, just pressed his back on the shelf for support as he wheezed for a bit. "Oh... that is too good! It's just like a plot from a book!" He wiped the tears from his cheeks once more. "Oh... my ribs..." A few chuckles escaped his bill but he pulled himself together. "Oh... first Rey... and now this. I think a few Legendaries are pulling us around eh?" He chuckled a bit more at his comment. "This is just too rich. Probably been in planning for who knows how long? Oh, I have to give props to him, that is a genius plan! Never suspected him!"

    Hanso sighed, rubbing his forehead with one hand. The other was still on the table, Penance's emblem beside it. The implication was that Noctus had a part in starting this whole mess with the Silver Tribe...but did he? "Well, the way I see it," Hanso began, "we have two problems, more if anyone else thinks of any. First, we know that Auron's possessed by the crystal's prisoner, or something. The book I found described a 'chaos form', which I suspect is what happened with Ignitus. Lyn, you and whoever else was fighting with you would know better if you read what I found."

    Hanso paused, straightening as he kept his face neutral. "The other problem is Noctus. Personally, I'd say we get proof first. Whether he started this mess or not, we need to find and confront him, find out for sure." Glancing at Penance, he added to himself, Third problem: what's that kid gonna do now?