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    Hey, I haven't played any of the Pokemon games in years (since Gold I think). I'm playing emerald right now and just beat the 5th gym. I'm pretty rusty and I am still trying to relearn all of the types and their weaknesses, etc. I'm hoping someone here can help me by pointing out any weaknesses or mistakes I have made in building my team up till now.

    Marshtomp lvl.28
    Manectric lvl.26
    Breloom lvl.27
    Golbat lvl.26
    Aron lvl.27

    I have a Sableye that I'm using as an HM slave at the moment, but I don't really use it for battling.
    I also have a Kirlia that I was using, do I really need a psychic Pokemon in my team? Or can I do without?

    I'm not looking for a competitive team or anything, just a balanced team that can get me through most of the game. So far I haven't had many problems, but I'm sure I have missed something. If anyone has any ideas on whether I should incorporate a 6th Pokemon and just distribute the HM's among the rest, I would appreciate that.