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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Personally Im a fan of strength over size (It has nothing to do with me not being huge and only being skinny >.>) I am fairly strong though! Yay for that! Ill insert a new picture sooner or later.

Dark Azelf Ill get to you first to some extent. You must be looking pretty good these days if you slimmed down and got cut. Your diet seems too complicated for me. How did the Duathlon go?

Congratulations on 100kms in a month Impo! Thats absolutely killing it! Also there's nothing wrong with aesthetics but still having strength to back it up is good anyway!

Oh Gymnastic rings are good fun! They are fairly expensive though, my god! Its painful on the wallet. They do build some good muscles though, very nice purchase Juicy, got any routines for them?

Destructor, I've read and heard that you shouldn't really start hitting the weights until youre like 15 or 16 but I guess if you're okay everything is fine. Do you have any workout routines or anything like that youre willing to share?
You can still use weights at a young age, just dont use heavy ones as it will damage your growth plates in your bones iirc, dont quote me on that though.

I used to be a gymnast actually, i competed at national level, rings are great to build your strength up.

Speaking of strength, i train for both strength and size. Ill train for size for 6 months and then switch to a higher weight and fewer reps to hit strength more. However on lower body i train solely for strength. Ive just never got the reasoning for having massive legs/ass unless you're a competitive bodybuilder, plus i love getting in skinny jeans lol. :x Plus on stuff like deadlifts, aka your lower back i dont see the need for size either really.

As for bolded, at least i finished lol, barely, i sort of crawled over the line. ~~

Also i look ok i guess, im alot more defined (new webcam yay) and although you cant see it on this pic i have top 4 abs showing. I think im about 11% bodyfat in this picture, it was lower lost month, verging on 9% but i decided to bulk up again but yeah here;


Yes im aware i look like ass, i just crawled out of bed haha. Ill maybe post a few more when i have time.

Also my diet isnt really complicated, i bulk up over the winter (aka now) and eat like 500 calories per day over my maintenance level to increase my lean mass as much as possible naturally, which consists of good clean foods to try and limit fat i put on (but thats unavoidable if you do it naturally), enough carbs, protein etc. Then in spring i cut up, reduce my calories to 500 below maintenance level and reduce my carbs, to lose any excess fat i may have put on over the winter whilst keeping the muscle i put on over winter.
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