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    Originally Posted by Destructor View Post
    I'm so sorry Alex. At least I can sort of understand your problems resulting from coming out since I got some hate and rejection as well. You can't let this get you down. There is a quote I try to hang onto now. It's really quite helpful.

    "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

    I don't want to shoot anybody down here, but if your "friends" can't accept you for who you are, then they are not your "friends"
    I've applied this to my mother and now will reject her as true family until she smartens up and gets with the program.

    It's very obvious being gay isn't an easy thing, but you can't let it get you down. It's who you are and you shouldn't view it as destroying your life but something that will bring you closer to the nicer people. That may sound cheesey, and I do hope it gets a laugh or two, but it's also true at the same time, since the nicer people can accept anybody under any non-negative circumstance. I also hope nobody takes offense to that.
    That really is a nice quote. And you're probably right about everything you've said. But, I live in a place where homophobia is present in 99% of people. Not just homophobia, racism, too. It's like they open the brain of newborns and pump it up with hatred. I know all of my friends would ditch me for being what I am, but I can't just ditch them and find new friends, since I'd still be in the same situation. Wouldn't make any sense.

    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    That is a real shame. Sometimes people have too many preconceptions, too many prejudices, to accept you. And sometimes people are just not mature enough and with time they'll come to see it's okay. It's always a struggle when you're around people who aren't accepting. You have to have a lot of strength to either keep it to yourself or to be out and have to suffer the comments or social stigma of being out. I do hope you find some people who are okay with you and like you for who you are.
    Thank you. I, too, hope that someday I'll find someone who isn't homophobic.

    I would really like to meet another gay person. Not for a relationship, but just for talk. Who could understand me better than another gay guy living here? Question is, how? How do I find another gay person here, where nobody dares to be out, or to come out to anyone? Does anyone have any advice on that? I'm starting to think that there are no gays here, except for me, of course.