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We've seen all sorts of evolution methods, even pertaining to trading (i.e. w/items and trading two pokemon at once). With the coming generations (assuming there are), what sort of innovations would you predict/want out of trade evolutions?

I honestly can't think of anything that could be added to trade evolutions without overcomplicating everything. I mean, trading is generally hard enough if you don't have wi-fi, and the items required for specific trades likewise, and it just feels like a good point to draw the line. I haven't heard of the trading of two specific Pokemon being necessary for some evolutions, so I can't comment on that, but again, I think that may be where the line should be drawn. And really, what else can be added. Specific stats, levels, it all would just seem like too much of a stretch, whereas the creativity can be more rationally implemented to normal evolutions outside of trading, since what could be added there isn't as likely to be a load of trouble as most things that could be added to trade would.
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