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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Definitely were the right step. Getting out of the repeated pattern that DPPt brought back after R/S tried to get rid of it (same Pokemon, while R/S did make an effort to seperate it and make a whole new world, they didn't really succeed at it as well as B/W). Having the deeper story I think was also better too, as it meant that those playing the games had something to draw them back in. I think just overall starting all over again in any extent was a good step, given that from what I've seen people didn't necessarily have the best reaction to Sinnoh/the Sinnoh games.
It was definitely something new and interesting. I think the story was slightly different then usual, although it was still the same old song and dance to an extent. I think that Black 2 and White 2 were what the franchise needed. Black 2/White 2's stories were different enough to be fairly interesting and there were some familiar pokemon.

I definitely don't think Black & White were a step backwards, I think it was maybe a baby step in the right direction
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