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Electivire, LV.64, Timid
Ice Punch

Okay, Electivire is a physical attacker, so teach it Thunderpunch. You also don't need multiple STAB moves, so get rid of Discharge. Ice Punch or Magnet Rise is important to deal with Ground types. Ice punch is great for dealing with ground (your only weakness) as well as the dragons you'll find in the E4. Magnet Rise gives you no weakness for 5 turns. The last move is up to you, I'd recommend Low Kick or Light Screen. Low kick for dealing with the dark E4 as well as heavy pokemon, Light Screen for bulking up your team.

Emboar, LV.59, Rash
Arm Thrust
Heat Crash
Okay, Emboar is great at attack, he’s also the only starter to learn all three starting types of moves. Replace Arm Thrust with Hammer Arm (Heart Scale) or Superpower (Move Tutor.) Heat Crash is good at dealing with lighter pokemon, but I’d recommend Flare Blitz for all out damage (LV. 62.) Bulldoze is okay, and replace Flamethrower with Wild Charge, Wild Charge deals with water and flying types.

Excadrill, LV.60, Bashful
Rock Slide
Hone Claws
Excadrill excels in attack as well. I’d give it Swords Dance to double its amazing attack each time it’s used. Earthquake is great STAB, Rock Slide is great coverage. I’d replace Slash with Brick Break (PWT), but you can keep Slash if you don’t want to save BP.

Crobat, LV.56, Gentle
Air Slash
Okay, Crobat, one of my favorite flying types. I’d recommend Fly (Decent for In-game, great for fast travel), X-Scissor is great for dealing with Psychics so you don’t need bite as well. Teach him Cross Poison (Heart Scale) for great STAB with High Crit. Ratio. You can keep Air Slash for 1 a turn Flying move.

Zoroark, LV.43, Hasty (In-Training, will play use TM's etc. once he is level 50)
Faint Attack
Night Slash
Zoroark likes Special Attack the best, so I recommend Dark Pulse (Move Tutor) or Night Daze (LV 64). Dark Pulse you can get earlier in the game and can cause flinching, Night Daze can lower accuracy, but you get it a lot later. Flamethrower deals with bugs, and focus blast can deal with other dark types. For other move options you could teach Bounce/Aerial Ace (For fighting and bugs) or U-Turn to keep the confusion going.
Floatzel, LV.31, Bold (In-Training)
Ice Beam
Aqua Jet
Floatzel is a physical attacker, so I’d teach him Waterfall, Ice Punch, Crunch and Aqua Jet for Priority

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