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    NOTE that Jordan is a friend I am with from another website.

    Chapter 4: Blinding Sight

    As me and Jackson quickly dashed out of Jordan's fine, cozy home, I began to sense of how Jackson's becoming a little discomfited based off of his dismal face as his moderately despondent, blue eyes made me ponder on what they're trying to say.

    "Blake, what you think might happen to the Pokemon Center?" He said towards me as we run towards the Pokemon Center.

    My face instantly responds in doubt as my tenuous eyes instantly released small droplets of tears as they quickly slither off of my tenuous skin. "I don't know...." I faintly said.

    My face instantly responds in doubt as my tenuous eyes instantly released small droplets of tears as they quickly slither off of my tenuous skin. "I don't know...." I faintly said.

    In just an instant, we arrived at the Pokemon Center as we tend to see a massive, furious crowd as they angrily bellow in annoyance. Suddenly I was astounded by its terrible condition.

    Big clouds of smoke viciously fumed out at the back of the enormous place as small chunks of cracked, clear blue glass quickly began raining down and broke into dust as the trailing wind forcibly swept them away until no traces were found.

    Nurse Joy appears to look disturbingly intense as I tend to see her worried expression as she desperately tries to soothe the unpleasant crowd down.

    "Please, we are trying to solve this problem." She sadly responded, "Now I ask you to calm down, please." Even though she tried her best to soothe the infuriated crowd, they coldly brushed her useless sentence away as they got even angrier by the second.

    This caused Nurse Joy to cringe as she trembled, making her close her legs together when she saw their intimidating grins that made her more intimidated.

    "I want Puffy back!" pleaded one little girl.

    "You should do something about this, you took care of them right!?" yelled another one.

    I slowly walked towards Nurse Joy and lightly tapped her shoulder. She shivered by just a faint tap as she was oblivious, then she turned around and saw me with Quil and Buzz on my shoulder. She quickly moved back because of my sudden appearance, then she settled down.

    "Nurse Joy, what happened to the Pokemon Center, and why are those people angry? I said as I was pointing towards them as they released a menacing grin towards Nurse Joy.

    As she was seeing this, it instantly made her jump in intimidation. "I don't know. When I was busy trying to take care of some of the Pokemon left in my nursing care, a huge bust came next door to it. Then I ran towards the storage unit of Pokemon… and I saw 2 trainers running off with the Pokemon!"

    Suddenly I cringed in shock as my heart began to ache. As I was going to ask her why, suddenly I was disrupted. "I don't know what to do!" she yelled as she loudly cried on her palm.

    Jackson slowly walked towards her and leaned his head towards her back. "Nurse Joy, it'll be all right." He kindly said as he began rubbing her back in circles smoothly, trying to release all of the negative, desolate emotions she's experiencing.

    As I was painfully glancing at Jackson comforting Nurse Joy, suddenly I hear a faint, girly cry that's nearby.

    "Blake!" A girl faintly hollered out.


    I quickly turned around as I was intrigued by that sudden cry. From what I'm seeing, all I view Jordan and Jordi quickly hustled toward us, until they actually stopped towards me.

    "Blake," she said as she roughly puffed towards my reddening face, "What is going on at the Pokemon Center?" she asked. Then she quickly got out her small, fresh water battle from her bag and quickly drank it as some of the water streamed out of her mouth.

    She lets out a light exhale as I stare at her cute, illuminating face as she perks out her fresh, glossy lips. Then she turned around towards me with a serious look on her face.

    "Jordan." I calmly said as I tried breathing, "The Pokemon Center was attacked." I boldly said as I tightly clenched my fists. She let out a quick gasp out of her mouth.

    "That's horrible!" She seriously yelled.

    Suddenly, we all hear a territorial humming noise as it traveled towards our ear. All of us quickly reacted as our stomachs ached. "Huh?" I said. Then we quickly turned around and saw a young, attractive police woman with long, glassy blue hair as she travels on her black and blue chrome motorcycle.

    As she reached towards us, all of us began to feel in suspense as we want to know who this mysterious woman was. She got out of the motorcycle and slowly took off her blue/black striped helmet as she lashed out her long, luscious, light blue hair.

    As she opened her light, gleaming blue eyes, she released a serious demeanor that caused the crowd to become a bit intimidated.

    "Officer Jenny...." Nurse Joy timidly said.

    "I see that they went to you to." Officer Jenny boldly let out.

    Nurse Joy became a bit intrigued by that sudden comment as she continuously touched her fingers together. "What do you mean?"

    Officer Jenny walked towards her motorcycle and took out a huge packet out of her blue bag. She slowly walked towards Nurse Joy and handed out the packet. Nurse Joy became discomfited on what's happening.

    "What is this?" She curiously asked.

    Officer Jenny lets out an infuriated smirk all over her face. "Read all of the documents and you can understand."

    Nurse Joy curiously took the packets and glanced through them. She felt a mild pain in her stomach as she loudly gasped, making us feel conspicuous.

    "Nurse Joy.... What's in that paper?" A boy said.

    She slowly showed her overwhelmed face as we tend to gaze our eyes on her.

    "So..... Team Earth is up to this....." She faintly said.

    Officer Jenny closed her eyes with a cold grin. "Yes. They are a rouge organization that's stealing Pokemon and using them for experiments and who know what else they may use them for?" She said as she puts her hands up, "Oh, and I heard that they are planning on getting a special item somewhere in this region."

    I quickly became intrigued as I loudly let out a ghastly puff. "But what are they trying to achieve on this...."

    She quickly opened her eyes. "I'm not certain. Their objective remains shady. But like Team Rocket that was disbanded 15 years ago..... they just be stealing Pokemon....."

    I became extremely enthusiastic of the situation. I clenched my fists as I put them towards my face with a determined expression on my face. "Let me try to stop them!" I yelled.

    Officer Jenny quickly jumped with a troubled expression. She turned around with an intense demeanor that caused me to move back a bit. "Kid, I don't think that you can handle this." She said, "You're too inexperienced."

    "But I can handle this! Just leave it to me and let me take care of them!" I loudly screamed. The whole crowd was shocked by my zest as they stopped their bickering.

    Furious by my response, Officer Jenny raised up her hand, and she harshly slapped across my face!

    "UGGHHH!" I fell down in the long, sleek strands of grass as they tend to uphold me. The various bystanders became intrigued as they gasped by just seeing on what that cold, inconsiderate officer did to me.

    "Is that kid all right?"

    "I hope he's OK."

    I slowly got up as I began to feel the tingling, hot sensation as it popped out of my cheek. It painfully burned as I tend to hold on my face. Jordan quickly ran towards Officer Jenny and tightly grabbed on to her shoulder as she shows an angry smirk.

    "Officer Jenny! Why would you do this to him!? He's just a boy!" She painfully shrieked. I turned around as I began to hear the sullen tone of hers bursting out that caused me to feel very ashamed.

    Officer Jenny slowly let out a cold puff out of her mouth as she closed her eyes. "Sorry...." She coldly said as she brushed Jordan's hand off of her shoulder. Jordan moved back as she lets out a serious scowl with her teeth clenched.

    Officer Jenny gazed at her serious expression as she walked back to her motorcycle. As she glanced on her motorcycle, she said: "I'd better return to the Police Agency to research Team Earth's whereabouts." He got on her motorcycle as she grasped on her helmet.

    She grabbed her silky bangs that's close to her tender cheeks along with her illuminating blue hair and rolled all of them up in her helmet as she perks up her sweet, red lips. I blushed a bit as she does this, then she turned around to me with a cold look on her face. "And kid." She seriously said, "You need to face reality."

    Suddenly my heart began to feel negative by this response as I tightly grabbed my chest. All of us glanced on her driving away as her long hair tends to wave gracefully by the winds as it illuminates everyone's attention.

    Jackson slowly walked towards me with his arms tightly tucked in his pockets. "Blake, are you OK?"

    I seriously showed him my intense expression as I start to loudly snarl. "I am OK!" I loudly screamed as I loudly stomped the ground, causing Jackson to move back a bit. "Ok… I'll head to Jordan's house." He quickly trailed off with Typhoon.

    Quil and Buzz quickly ran towards me as they tugged on to my blue pants. I looked down at their troubled faces as they faintly whimper.

    "Guys, I'm ok...." I slowly walked towards Jordan's house as they continue to desperately cling on to me. I coldly let out a sigh as I moved along.

    At 9:33 P.M in the middle of the night while me and Jackson along with the Pokemon was next door to Jordan's room, I instantly woke up as I hear ghastly singing emitting from outside that's probably Noctowl and Hoothoot's singing at nights.

    I looked up as I glanced around in the shady darkness and I can barely see that the rest are completely asleep as I tend to hear their faint snoring. I sadly let out a frown as I was looking at this.

    I remember that when this happened, I was thinking, like how was I immature? Like I'm who I am and Officer Jenny said that I need to "face reality". Like what does she mean like by that? Then I instantly went back to my peaceful slumber.

    The next day, I slowly slumped down the stairs. As the whole family along with the Pokemon was happily munching on their delicious, tasty food, they hear faint noises as they looked at my worn out face, wondering on what's wrong with me.

    "Blake.... What happened?" Jordan's mom said.

    "I just need to get something…" I faintly let out. Everyone instantly became silent. All I can hear is no sound of munching or chattering uttering out of their mouthes that made me feel uninterested.

    So I slowly trailed off to the cabinet and took out the half empty Apple Jack's box. I carelessly dumped all of the cereal to the bowl as some rolled out of the glassy bowl.

    I quickly walked back to the guest's room as I stomped out loud busts from the stairs. Feeling sympathy for my not-so joyous personality, Jordan dropped her plate of pancakes and quickly ran up the stairs.

    As I was loudly munching Apple Jacks, I hear a loud, unexpected bust come out of the door. "What!?" Suddenly I see Jordan walk into the room with her face having a worried expression.

    I nervously wiped off the crumbs off of my slobbered face as I see that she was here. I began to let out a bright red blush on my face, and then I instantly became depressed.

    "What is it? Did you want to call me a kid?" I sadly said.

    "No.... I just want to apologize." She slowly walked towards me as I began to blush. She sat next towards me with both of her hands between her legs that made me have a… I'm not saying it, because it's very creepy for a 10 ½ year old to face this.

    She looked down towards my red face as my mouth is noticeably open for me.

    "Listen." She said, "I'm really sorry for me calling you a kid. It's just that, I met people like you before along my 3 year journey. They were rude, inconsiderate, and careless. But you seem to be different in a way. Like you're very ambitious and kind towards your Pokemon, and I really didn't mean to say that."

    I felt intrigued by what she said. My face turned even redder as her kind words began ringing through my head. Suddenly I grabbed her as I began whimpering. I tightly hugged her tender body as I shake her. I let go of her as I grabbed on to her tender palms.

    "Jordan! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! You're one of the prettiest girls I met, even the nicest! You're very passionate and sweet!" I joyously said.

    She elegantly brushed off her unintended, long bang towards her hair as her face lights up a small blush on her rosy cheeks. "Thanks...."

    A few hours later, I walked outside into the battlefield as I looked at the crowd gluing their eyes on me with they excited faces. I tend to hear numerous amount of screaming and bawling that made me feel instantly annoyed as I violently shiver. Then I looked up and saw Jordan at the other side, having a smirk on her face.

    "So Blake, this is your first battle?" She excitedly said.

    "Uhhh...." I glanced around and saw Jackson along with Typhoon waving out large, blue flags having a Cyndaquil's happy face along with my face. I let out a smile as I glanced back at Jordan.

    "So, it's 2 on 2. You should make the first move." She said as she directly pointed towards my face.

    I began to think. Like Buzz should be a good option, since I kind of want him to battle for a chance….. So I looked down to Buzz as he gazed at my serious look.

    "Buzz, you should go first." I boldly said.

    "Bee! BEBE!" He happily screamed as he walked, punching his fists together as they create big sparks flying around. Everyone lets out a loud, interested ooo as they were interested by the bright sparks Buzz created. Then some tend to laugh and chuckle on this.

    "That Elekid doesn't know on what he's getting in to!"

    "I bet Jordan can whip that sorry BUTT of an Elekid!"

    Jordan took out her polished Great Ball and lightly touched her lips on it.

    "Go Candi!" She elegantly kneels down and gracefully throws out the Poke ball as it covers the bright sun and released a blue, gleaming energy out of it. It quickly morphs into a Lampent that instantly caused my eyes to mislead my vision. Like how was there a Lampent in Johto?

    I quickly took out the Pokedex and scanned its information. "Lampent, the Lamp Pokemon. It's only available sucking people spirits that caused its internal flame to fuel up even greater."

    I put the Pokedex down, feeling a bit intrigued on how this Lampent seems to be rare in Unova. "I rarely see those around here. I remember various people from Unova tend to move here and migrate. So I guess that it must be from Unova as well."

    Jordan lets out an adorable expression on her face as she rubs Candi's head that made her feel a bit joyous of her warm hand as she faintly cooed. "Yes, and I had Candi for at least 2 years." She said.

    Everyone, including Jackson, wildly cheered for both of us to see who will win!
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