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Stephan's probably not going to win. He already won the Wishing Bell festival and, by extension, the Donamite/Clubsplosion tournament. He's gotten plenty of attention and awards already, but he's not an ace-in-the-hole like Tobias.

Unless the Unova conference is set up differently (like the Silver league where the best trainer out of three matches advances), it appears from the leaked comic/manga that Trip exits the competition early. Oh, and Trip disregards his prejudice towards Kanto natives and finds new respect for Ash and his brash methods... yeah, like Paul didn't come to that conclusion. And Paul wasn't a new trainer like Trip; before competing in the Lily-of-the-Valley conference apparently Paul competed in the other major leagues of that nation/continent.

Bianca sure is a wildcard to predict. We've seen Bianca progress in the series, from catching her first Pokemon, to trading her Shelmet for a disobedient Escavalier, to entering various competitions, to proving to her father she is competent to go on a Pokemon journey. She usually doesn't seem to do well, as she lost the first round of the first club tournament. However, the later Clubsplosion tournament she placed in the top four before losing to the winner of the tournament, Stephan. She could be just like her "cousin" Barry, compete in the league briefly, but then lose out early. Or, Bianca could hit a vein of luck and sweep the entire league by surprise. She may have potential, and her character will go through a roller coaster of development if she were to be champion. I would be thrilled if Bianca were to win, though I kind of doubt it. It would toy with the first rumors upon Black and White's release that Bianca was the champion of the Elite Four.

The young child in me (I'm not pregnant or anything) is cheering for Ash. Not only have we watched Ash go from league to league getting closer and closer to the gold, patterns predict Ash will place high. Ash was runner-up in the first and third Battle Club tournaments, as well as top four in the highly-competitive single-Pokemon tournament. It is also important to note that in every other region of the anime, Ash has won at least one competition. In Kanto he won the P1 Grand Prix with some girl's Rapidash. In the Orange Archipelago he was the champion of a more informal league. He won various competitions throughout Johto, including the Bug Catching Contest and the Extreme Pokemon race. He won both Pokeringer competitions in Hoenn and Sinnoh. And when he returned to Kanto for the Battle Frontier, he defeated all seven Frontier Brains and was invited to become one himself. So far in Unova, Ash has come very close in all of his endeavors, typically placing as runner-up, but no first-place wins have come of it. You'd think that he would be bound to win something, and why not save the win for the grand finale of the arc? If Ash were to win, it would be leeway for Ash to stick around in Unova for a little while longer. He will be champion, a huge step for Ash (Pummelo doesn't count as his first championship), and as champion he will probably have to take on the Unova Elite Four (Lucian mentioned this in the anime). If that is the case, Ash will probably battle Shauntal, Marshal, and Grimsley, as they have yet to make an appearance in the anime. He'll lose to one of those three, as the anime already introduced Caitlin in the exhibition battle for the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup.

However, if also following current trends (which really aren't reliable in reality), Ash will probably also runner-up in the Unova League Conference. Not only is that the average place he has earned his entire time in Unova, by tracking trends of the four other leagues, he'd likely progress to runner-up. In Kanto he was top sixteen, Johto and Hoenn top eight (losing to the champion in Hoenn), and progressed as far as the semifinals in Sinnoh to lose to the ridiculous legendary trainer Tobias and was the only trainer to be able to defeat Tobias's Darkrai the entire tournament.

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True,but one thing I don't understand is,why did Zekrom appear in the first episode and who woke him up? Uselly the movies don't tie in with the Anime,which kinda makes what I said earlyer useless. I hope Zekrom reappears other wise that would be a useless point in the anime.
Need I remind you of a little item called the GS Ball? It was dropped from being a plotline in favor of a film starring Celebi and pointless pork of Johto fillers. The writers hoped that viewers would forget the arc over time, but considering it began the entire journey to the Orange Islands and the Johto region... yeah. People are still wondering about it's whereabouts.
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