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On my second round of not using the same pokemon twice play through.

Here is the team:

Level 39 - Bashful Nature - Overgrow.
Earthquake - Seed Bomb - Body Slam - Synthesis.

Level 37 - Rash Nature - Intimidate.
Close Combat - Fly - Return - Endeavor.

Level 37 - Naive Nature - Guts. (Shiny).
Strength - Brick Break - Night Slash - Aerial Ace.

Level 37 - Docile Nature - Stench [Most useless ability ever].
Dig - Poison Jab - Slash - Night Slash.

Level 39 - Rash Nature - Storm Drain.
Ice Beam - Surf - Mud Bomb - Hidden Power.

Still looking for a sixth member to my team, Any idea's let me know! However I can't use any of the following pokemon; Drapion, Dialga, Luxray, Crobat, Infernape, Manaphy.
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