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    Jose Aldo Blanco
    Floor 1 - Starter City | Lv 7

    A chill made its way across Pepe's back, as a cold bead of sweat ran down his temple.

    "Floor 5's dungeon has been located?" a dumbfounded man asked, not really expecting a response, but more for the sake of just repeating what he'd just heard. The man was an ingredient salesman in Starter City, although judging by his wares, prices and the lack of customers in his shop; one could make the assumption that he was not very good one at that.

    Pepe gulped. Hard.

    He couldn't believe these people were actually sticking their head into the guillotine here. I mean, it was obvious that the soldiers in the front lines were dying… by the bushel, judging by the latest stats. But there they were, fighting for their freedom… damn that was dumb. In all honesty, it's nigh impossible that the boss would go down without taking at least half a dozen players with him, so you could say everyone there was playing a really messed up version of Russian Roullette.

    But to each his own…

    "Tamer." Pepe repeated to the dumbfounded salesman. "I need to find a Tamer."

    "A-ah-I don't know any…" the man responded, taken a bit aback by the sudden question. "B-b-but I do have many g-great ingredients if you're interested." He added going back to his salesman persona.

    Pepe frowned. "Thanks, but no thanks." And he turned around and made his way to the door.

    "Are you sure?" he heard the salesman ask one more time, but he only waved and walked out.

    After several more minutes of walking, Pepe came across a fountain, and decided to go ahead and sit on a bench while he chewed on some bread. Quique had warned him that unlike Alchemists and Smiths, no one really has much use for a Tamer's ability. "Since you need to be a Tamer yourself to control a familiar, they can't really go around selling them," he'd said. Pepe hated when he was proven wrong.

    Regardless, he'd gone looking for Tamers in Celedona, Blue Village, and now even Starter City. If Tamers liked keeping to the wild, then that's where he would meet them.

    And with that, Pepe wrapped his loaf of bread back into a piece of cloth, and made his way to the Starter Town portal, which would take him straight to Blue Village.
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