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Title of Story: Varus (Name subject to change, just temporary)
Fandom: Pokemon
Plot summary: An ex-Team Plasma officer leaves Plasma after the events of Pokemon Black. He leaves with items of importance to Plasma and they go after him. He must fight for his life to escape, and bring down team Neo Plasma.
Genre:Action, Drama
Rating (PG, R, etc): PG-13
Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive, I'm sorta new, but anyone who specializs in anything story related would be ok.
Writing sample of story:
It had been years since it ended. Since Varus had left. Since Varus had quit. Since Varus had escaped. He was alone now, other than his Patrat. They always told him it was weak, that he had to get rid of it, it would slow him down. But he couldn’t do it. Now that he escaped, he released all his Pokémon back to the wild. He was hoping they would find the trainers he stole them from. He knew it would probably not happen, but he still hoped. He thought back, what got him in all of this? He used to be an innocent child. His youth made him gullible, for an orphan like himself; he thought he had found a home. He wouldn’t need to go from Pokémon center to Pokémon center. It was a mistake. And now he knew they would come after him, he knew too much. He knew about their plans to reform. They would try to stop him, and there was only one person that could help him. There was only one person powerful enough, and willing, to take on the whole organization. He knew he would need his help, he needed to find N, N would be his last hope.

Other:First fan-fic!
Ruby Solo Run (Blaziken)-Complete!
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