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    Hmm,ya I kinda forgot about that. And they probably had to change the whole plot of the episodes after they didn't air the Plasma episodes. Then again they may had already had them all written which I highly doubt. I really don't like the fact he beats Trip in the first round. I am going to assume there are 32 trainers in the League,maybe 64. If there is 32 then there is 5 rounds. That means he will probably have to beat all 5 people. Trip being beat already. I don't think the guy with the Riolu will win for the simple fact he is like Morrison,I thnk that was his name in Hoenn,and he didn't know he needed 8 badges. I'm actually really surprised Bianca was getting badges. Bianca has trained a lot. She even beat Trip in one of the tournaments. Bianca would be a nice last battle with Ash in the League,because he was the one who convinced her father to let her stay on her journey. I am gonna say Bianca or the Eevee guy will be his last battle. Be nice to see the eevee evolve into a new eeveelution during the battle with Ash. A pokemon he doesn't know which he could lose aginst. That would be intersting.
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