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    José strutted through the familiar streets of Zaphias, as he lived nearby. He saw the LATIOS corp. building rising in the background, and various bird Pokémon. He took in a deep breath, and continued walking. He soon reached his goal, Professor Vayne's place.

    The first thing that José noticed when he walked in was the amount of technology put into this research. Many instruments, gauges and dials lined the back wall, and the tables were no less cluttered. He stepped over what appeared to be a model of a Pokéball, complete with a working button. He soon came to the bqck, and saw who he was looking for.

    "Morning, Professor. Came to get my Pokémon." José said, focusing on his hands. He didn't want to be messing with these instruments.

    "Good Morning! You must be José! Please, come back here." Vayne said energetically. José followed, being careful not to step on anything. They soon reached a machine with quite a few Pokéballs on it.

    "Well, Here's your Pokédex, now just choose a Pokémon from those!" Vayne said, handing José the high tech encyclopedia.

    José nodded and was reaching out when he felt something stir inside of his mind. José stood for a moment, confused, before continuing. He felt it again. It seemed to be telling him to take the bottom-right ball. He picked it up, and read the lettering.

    "Zorua?" José said, quite confused that it wasn't an electric type. He had always felt gravitated towards electricity and technology. He thanked the professor and went outside, still confused.

    He released Zorua, and gasped.

    "A Shiny!!! No. F***in'. Way. This is awesome! I'm callin' you Zephyr." José said to the shiny Zorua, who nodded, and then transformed into a perfect copy of José.

    "Seriously? You can shapeshift? This day keeps getting better and better!" José shouted as the imitation José nodded. José then set out for the outskirts of the city, intent on finding out just what Zephyr could do.