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Originally Posted by Zupplu View Post
One think I noticed actually was how Reshiram, the more traditional looking Pokemon is in the more futuristic game, because Black had Black City and the Electro Oplecuid City, while Zekrom, the more futuristic robot kind of Pokemon, is in the game where everything is more natural. Another nice contrast.
Yeah, I have to say that was a little interesting.

I also noticed the opposites theme going on with the group of Cheren, Bianca and the protagonist. According to TV Tropes, their names have a sort of theme going on, especially if you take the Japanese names into account.

Cheren's name is Hungarian for "black", Bianca's name is Italian for "white" while Hilbert and Hilda's Japanese names (Touya and Touko) mean "transparency", which suits Hilbert/Hilda's role as the middle and leader of the trio.

And also to do with the technology/nature opposites, in Mistralton City, if you go to the bottom of the airport you will see greenhouses if you are playing Black, but in White they are open crops instead.
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