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    Originally Posted by killblaze777 View Post
    Sorry if this has already been answered, but I don't have the patience to search 170 pages or so of stuff on this topic, and I have already done numerous google searches to no avail. I don't know what else I can do but ask here. I'd rather have metapod answer himself, so that no random person decide to give a fake answer just to troll... I can't get in to fight Ritchie, and I have already seen him take care of team rocket with zippy and sparky, and he left to go to the indigo stadium. My question is this: How the heck do I get in? i've done everything else. i've even tried putting my Pidgeot in my party, then talked to him. I tried putting him in party and running up and down the indigo league path south of the building like someone else said to do somewhere between page 90 and 100 or so of this topic. Nothing works. I just finished the 4th preliminary round, but I can't get in no mater what. I have no healing items in my bag. I only had 3 pokemon in my party, even when I put my pidgeot in there. I had taken another pokemon out, so everything is in place. i just have no clue what I'm doing wrong. A swift answer is prefferable, because I have barely anything else to do at the moment, and I can't go any farther. I have beta 3.6.1 in case anyone is wondering. Kudos to whoever answers my question. I know the beta goes farther than this, consider people have been saying you can fight the champion..... Do I need a charizard to enter the match? Because, he's still a charmeleon...
    Its not that related with any poke you are thinking its just that you should have missed some events that are preventing you to challenge Richie because absolutely after the 4th round you get to battle him
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