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    Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
    0. It really does get you nowhere.

    Oh sweet mercy the top poster on that forum has 113,000 posts. That is insanity. Highest counted post total I've seen elsewhere is 65,000, though that was on a forum where none of the general chat sections counted toward one's post total.

    Having a post count of 4,000 by half a years time is like normal there. There are like hundreds of people with 30k posts and they got them over the span of a few years.

    That forum just happens to be very lenient on spam. I literally just spammed my post count up 150 in the chat thread (basically a chat box that counts towards your post count) and got no warnings or infractions, as a test because I knew no one pays attention to spam posts there.

    Anyways, imagine me as the cat and the resident forumers there as the two children in this video. That right there is my experience on that forum or at least in that specific topic on that forum.