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"Forgive me, I am not well versed in the different species of pokémon." James said, laughing a little. There was no shame in saying so. After all, even after the many enemies he'd faced, he still wasn't sure he could differentiate what type of spirit each user had. The fact that each one fused differently didn't make it any easier and Lisbon only seemed to know a small amount of the tell-tail signs of which fusion meant which pokemon.

James didn't know where Solaceon was, but the name had a nice ring to it. Homely and warm, though James doubted it was really like that these days. At last, James decided on the best course of action. This girl wasn't aggressive, rather she seemed fairly friendly, which was hard to come by. So given that, he didn't want to risk leaving her behind only to possibly find a bunch of people who wanted his blood.
Even so, he didn't want to let Aria think she had won him over. James moved to her front, hunkering down and smiling. "Well Aria, if there's such despair awaiting me in that direction... Perhaps I would indeed be best if I avoided going... That way." Though this opened up something that James hadn't planned on thinking about. What if there were other wielders in Solaceon? James didn't think asking would be a very good idea, so instead he decided on a more intelligent course of action(he hoped). "Well Aria, if I may be so bold... May I request I accompany you on your journey back to Solaceon? It would seem that my schedule has been freed up a little." he asked Aria with a grin. It looked like this day was shaping up to be one of multiple victories. And James didn't mind that. Not one little bit.

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