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    "Are you sure, Sam?" she questioned.

    "I'm fine, Vayne. 100%!" Sam went back to his normal tone. "Is there anything else I need before becoming the worlds Pokemon Master?"

    "Yes there is, but slow down! You can't be the best just like that. You must catch and train your Pokemon, battle others and battle the Gym Challenges across Zaude." Vayne explained. "I am happy to present you, the Pokedex! This machine will record the data of Pokemon you see and catch, every single one!"

    "Finally! I'm on the road to become the best!" Sam laughed. He ran out the door in joy and he sprang into the air. His newly acquired Trapinch plodded along behind him.

    "Trap, Trapinch!" Trapinch cried in joy.

    "Hmm, I guess you'll need a name ..." Sam murmured, "Hmmm ... How about Mercury?"

    "Trapinch!" he exclaimed.

    "Well, that's settled! You're my first ever Pokemon, Mercury!"


    Sam skipped through the streets in glee, with Mercury clinging on to his shoulder. His head still hurt from his vision from earlier, but that didn't matter right now. First of all, he wanted to have a battle. He didn't care against who, he just had to test Trapinch's strength. Mercury knew 4 moves, Bite, Sand Tomb, Mud Bomb and Faint Attack. Sam though that was an awesome moveset, an all hitting, all punching Pokemon, the perfect battler!

    "Oi, you! I've been waiting for someone with a Pokemon around here." Sam heard from above. A shadow sharply leaped from the building above, making Sam jump.

    "Who are you?" Sam inquired.

    "Me? I'm the best of the best." he sneered. "Marvin Jones, and I'm declaring rivalry against you!"

    "Ok? ..."

    "And that means, we must battle!" he bellowed.

    Sam thought about this carefully. Marvin Jones looked like a Tough Cookie, and he had only just got his Pokemon. He had never battled, not even a wild Pokemon, and this guy looked like he had done it all and got the T-Shirt. He had brown wavy hair and a posh, white jacket that looked in perfect condition. He had matching shoes and trousers, and he looked like one someone like Sam shouldn't be battling, but you can never judge a book by the cover.

    "Well, ok!" Sam said quietly, thinking about whether he had just made a huge mistake.

    Sam sent Mercury into battle as he shouted, "Go, Mercury!", his opponent then sent out a Croagunk, a poison and fighting type. He knew Poison types were weak against Ground types, and Trapinch knew Sand Tomb.

    "So ... you only just got your Pokemon?" he sneered a disgusting sneer. "This'll be like taking candy from a baby ... Croagunk, use Poison Sting over and over again!" Croagunk repetitively jabbed Trapinch, in the shoulder, his left leg and a pounding blow to his head, however, Trapinch was hardly effected. "Huh?!"

    "I may be new to battling, but I do know that Poison type moves are hardly effective against Ground types." Sam laughed. "Trapinch, use Sand Tomb!" A tornado of sand whipped up, trapping Croagunk inside. Dust flew up from the ground, causing both Sam and Marvin's vision obscured. They could both hear the cries of Croagunk, over and over. The dust and sand slowly faded away, revealing Croagunk limping slowly towards his trainer.

    "What's wrong, how did you hurt him?" Marvin cried. "We're meant to be invincible! No one should be able to hurt us! You'll never win!" But he then swallowed his words, as Croagunk slowly collapsed.

    Sam's jaw dropped. "Wow ..." he was lost for words. "We won, Mercury ... We won!" they both bounced with glee, realising that they had won.

    "NO!" Marvin yelled at the top of his lungs. "How?! This is not over, Samuel Davi!"

    Sam flinched as he called him that, he hated that name. But he calmly brushed it off without a care. And this was only the start of a great adventure.