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    Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
    Pokemon is a huge popularity in Japan so I highly doubt they would stop it. I mean they have buildings in Japan that is just for pokemon stuff I think and they are still putting the movies in movie theaters. Pokemon will be like every other thing the Jap. make. It will countinute for a long long time. Besides that,I do not think they would have made a fresh fresh new start in pokemon if they planned to end it and they probably would have told us this would be the last gen before they realesed it. I see no end to pokemon soon. I can see at least 2 more generations take place in American based places itselt like Unova. And it has been confirmed that not all the pokemon have been discovered yet and not all the regions have been explored. I can see them at least getting to about 1000 pokemon before they stop. They aren't running out of ideas. They got thousands of bug types they can make and thousands of grass types they can make. That is just bug and plants. If you count fish and every species of animal,they can make 10000+ more pokemon and that isn't even counting objects they can use.
    I agree with you in some parts, but if they were to make a Pokemon for every species of animals then too many Pokemon would be way too similar.

    Hmm, ^ I tried to get Garchomp, but I don't think it's there.