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Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
(my 'tale' is boring in comparison to others),
Well I might as well elaborate on said tale since got off of work on a low note and want something to put me in a decent mood.

Personally when I figured it out I was iffy on it. I was fourteen, and only thought of it as just another part that completes my image. I told absolutely nobody until I was seventeen (which winded up being somebody I was in love with when I was 17.) Eventually this led to the notice that my parents are going to need to know eventually if I wind up falling for somebody that's not a girl; I simply just felt that I was delaying the inevitable, and the sooner the better since my family is very socially liberal, but I was mildly overwhelmed by anxiety that things could go awry.

I thought of multiple different ways on going about this, and made a mental list. The list got shorter and shorter as time went on, and eventually it became nothing. So I decided I'd let it out in the manner of how much of a big deal I make it as a part of my personality: just another part of me. As a result, one night out of boredom during July 2012 I decided to make my Facebook's “Interested in:” public for the first time, with the intent on seeing how long it takes for somebody to notice the truth I have just spread out for everyone to see... turns out it didn't even take 24 hours... and it was my mother.

Around evening when my mom got home and was doing laundry or something (I was playing CoD4 PC or something. I don't pay attention to my surroundings during gaming, and I was also tired which didn't help.) So for once in a very long time during these hours my mom decided to she wanted to try sparking up a conversation.

“Hey Tanner so uh... can I ask you a question?” (My mind just sparked into flames when she said that because I knew what was imminent.)

Which I replied as “Uh... yeah sure what's up?” (I sounded somewhat nervous)

“Don't get embarrassed but I was looking at your Facebook profile and saw your 'interested in' thing and... is that true?”

“Eeeeeeyup. I let it come out like that because I don't see it like big a deal.”

I don't recall exactly what she said afterward, but in a nutshell she said that she was completely fine with it, and was actually rather happy with me for being able to do that. The thing that really stuck to me was though was when she said “I don't care who you're with, as long as they make you happy! :D” in which I just about started tearing up. We hugged and that was that.

Later on that night I thought “eh, no turning back now, might as well let everyone else know” and did what I considered 'releasing the krakken' and wrote a post on my wall that I was pan, and if anyone wanted to talk about it further they can talk to me personally... only my cousin did, and he mainly just congratulated me, and once again, that was that.

TL;DR came out in a sneaky manner; mom took it well; so did everyone else.