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    We've seen all sorts of evolution methods, even pertaining to trading (i.e. w/items and trading two pokemon at once). With the coming generations (assuming there are), what sort of innovations would you predict/want out of trade evolutions?

    Well, right now there probably can't be much more ways for Trade Evolution to occur, counting the HUGE amount of items used, the thing where Pokémon such as Machoke just EVOLVE, and that other thing MightyHeracross mentioned. But, to be honest, the only thing I could predict happening in the Future is just more items becoming required for Trade Evolutions, and maybe, just MAYBE, probably more of those must-do trades to make the Pokémon evolve. But one thing I do not think should come back were the cables, because they were a nuisance. But they should have another Save Slot (Which will make two, and each might have exclusive Pokémon for their Slots) for Pokémon Games so that you can trade the Pokémon to the other Save Slot with ease. Also you don't require two DS/3DS/DSI/Whatever to do it. But then it makes it TOO easy. Sigh. But there is one thing we should all keep in mind; No pain, no gain. Trade Evolutions are very worth it and the Pokémon you could obtain are all very good and can easily take up a spot in your Team. But if you don't try, you're really missing out, on both loads of Pokédex Entries (Catch Information), and a good Pokémon that you are guaranteed to like. But I got to admit, not all Pokémon you can get by this method are good. But it's worth a try, as said before.