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Name: Syther
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place): About 5'10, slim, short brown hair. A tanish skin color. Where's a white shirt with a blue jacket usually and jeans. Just your average kid in the Poke world.
Personality: Syther was always quiet. He didn't have many friends and would do majority of things alone. His only real friends where his Pokemon. The people who knew him would describe him as calm, cool and collective. He would always think about situations before acting. He would never do anything dangerous out of anger. He loved his Pokemon, though. He would never risk leaving them alone, even in the care of his mother.

History(How did you avoid the infection, what was life like leading up to it? 6 lines minimum): Syther left home to journey around the Pokemon world when he was 15. He had gone with his noble Squirtle to accompany him. His Father was a lab assistant for Professor Oak, and his Mom was a stay at home parent. His dad was one of the researchers who had dedicated there life to studying Pokerus. As he explored around Kanto he became very interested in Pokemon medicine. His goal was to become a professional Pokemon doctor and save the lives of Pokemon around the world. He would travel around the land and help wild Pokemon he would find. He would work at many different Pokemon centers and help out the Joy's. During this time they found an abandoned Pidgey who was severely injured. It was young and hungry when he found it in the grass just outside of Saffron City. He adopted it as his own. He one day received a leter telling him that he was asked to go to Sinnoh and help out Pokemon Centers there. He was excited to visit a new region. His form of transportation was the S.S. Anne. He never made it to Sinnoh. When the virus broke out he was on the boat. Many where boarding in order to escape this land and make it to Sinnoh. But the infection had already carried on to the boat. There was a huge rush, people hoping over board as Pokemon where transforming in front of there very eyes. Syther acted quickly, he took his Blastoise and surfed as far away as possible.

Pokemon(2 maximum, types immune to the disease include rock-types and ghost-types. You are not required to have one of these two types, but keep the infection in mind if you don't.):


Moves(6 Max): Surf, Hydro Pump, Skull Bash, Rapid Spin, Mega Punch, Bite


Moves: Fly, Steel Wing, Tailwind, Gust

Opening Post(8-10 lines minimum):
He landed on the shore, somewhere. After bailing from the ship he had just surfed in any direction. He knew he would have needed to get a s far away as possible from that boat. He reached for his bag and... it wasn't there. His bag, with all of his medicine and everything was gone. He checked in his Pocket, all he had on him was a potion and three Pokeballs. He hated himself for this. How could he have left it. It was on the table he was eating at when the first screams here heard, how long would have taken to grab it before running. But he figured he would have to deal with it. He explored the area, and made sure there where no infected Pokemon around him. He released his Pidgeotto from it's ball to see if it was ok. Both his Pokemon had no visual signs of any injury or infection. He looked up and saw a town in the distance. He had no idea which one, but he knew that probably meant there where more survivors there. That also might mean more supply's. He put Blastoise into it's ball and Hopped on Pidgeyotto's back. The few to the city that he would quickly realize was Fuchsia City. It looked peacefull until... he felt something hit him from behind. He was knocked off his Pidgeyotto, and took a hard fall to the ground below him. When he recovered he saw his Pidgeyotto fighting a huge swarm of Beedril. But these weren't normal Beedril, they where infected. He knew he had to act quick. He sent out Blastoise, and used Hydro Pump on the swarm. It had held them off, until a new swarm came at them from behind. Blastoise hopped into the Swarm and went for a Rapid Spin decapitating the Beedril. He though he was safe so he and his Pokemon dashed toward the gym where he figured there would be more survivors. But it was empty. He looked at both his Pokemon, his Blastoise was ok. He then turned to Pidgeyotto, and his heart sank. Pidgeyotto had a visible bite wound. And then he began to change. He turned more green. Syther freaked out. Pidgeyotto began to approach him and he knew he would be the one to kill his own beloved Pokemon. He ordered Blastoise to use Skull Bash and direct it at Pidgeyotto's head. It was a killing blow, he cringed as he saw his Pokemons decapitated head drop to the floor. He returned Blastoise, and took a rest in the safety of the gym's locked doors. So much had happened today, he was exhausted, he knew he should make a plan on what he would do to escape this city, but he decided to rest for now.
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