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After exhausting herself by flying for hours, she eventually landed in Children's City. Everything about the place was disturbing to her, because here, at the sanctuary for children, was a place that was only slightly safer than outside. Spark was never a big fan of their leader either.They settled in a house that was abandoned, everything in it was previously looted. Hey Minun

Yea Spark The voice sounded much more sad than before.

Did Arc die alone? I took you right before he died didn't I... The idea had bothered Spark for the entire flight. Had she abandoned her brother in his final moments in a fit of rage, what if he thought badly of her.

He died alone, yes Spark sat down in the middle of the barren floor, and put her head on her knees.

She drifted into sleep, the only word on her mind, I'm sorry was the last thing she said before sleep.
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