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I'm definitely a resident of Unova, but to be honest I feel like I'm a resident of EVERY region. Although, there are some things about Unova that made me vote yes for being a resident over all the other regions.

1) All the new pokemon. I love using different pokemon each time I play a game, and Unova really gives me this option as there are no annoying fillers. (sorry zubat/geodude) I also love the pokemon spread, it feels like you can start getting good quality pokemon (and more important different species of pokemon) by the 3rd gym. In pinwheel forest there are 7 different families (in the inner part) ready to catch on your first visit, with 5 being new, while viridian forest had 3.

2) The story is stronger. Every other story has just been about you trying to win 8 badges and trying to stop an evil team from taking over the world. Sure this one was about that too, but the tea's motives seemed good at first, and with the complex character of N added in, it made it much more interesting. Along with that, the gym leaders weren't just game bosses. They were actually people, and because of that the games were a lot stronger. Also, your rivals being more than "Let's battle! WHAT?! YOU WON AND I LOST?!?!??!" and having there own struggles, was awesome.

3) The games. They just brought an whole "new adventure" that the franchise maybe didn't feel with Diamond And Pearl. (although I felt it since Diamond was my first game) They reintroduced a vigor into the franchise that was needed. And the graphics were amazing! I loved all the little features added into the game, like the X-transceiver. (okay this last one is a little rushed since I have to go XD)

And those are just the main reasons.
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