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    @Lishy That is true... but the ban still places harsh implications upon the hemp industry.

    The legalization of marijuana is most certainly the way to go. The benefits to legalizing it go far beyond making certain demographics of people happy. For one, the industry would be extremely profitable if taken to larger scales. That would easily equate to more jobs and a strengthened economy. The government could and would most likely put a tax on it that would also help bolster federal reserves. There is very little that we stand to lose by legalizing hemp at all... other than perhaps the favor of a disgruntled monopoly or two. But oh well, this

    On top of it providing revenue in those ways, it would seriously free up some space in prisons. For real prisoners. That would dramatically reduce the costs necessary to operate and staff prisons. The money could then be used to either make massive reforms to the prison system in it's entirety, or, it could be shifted around and be used as funding in other vital areas. There is really no need to be clogging prisons up with people who decide to smoke weed... When done in respectable terms... it is a crime that harms no one. Like drinking, you wouldn't be able to flagrantly smoke wherever you wanted... you'd get citations if you were being belligerent about it... It wouldn't simply allow people to run rampant about smoking it and do whatever they want. That notion is sadly shared by both sides to this argument and is just plain silly..

    Marijuana is factually less dangerous than both tobacco and alcohol. It does not have the power to create to dependencies like tobacco and alcohol do. If anyone seems "addicted" to weed, that is because they are weak of mind. They aren't actually addicted to the marijuana, but the positive feeling that it produces. And in that way, that addiction could be attached to anything that stimulated the mind to produce those endorphins. So the argument against the health of the individuals that people use for the more hardcore drugs is pretty invalid at this point. Obviously inhaling burning plant fibers is bad for you... but we do much worse things to our body legally. In all realistic cases, like I said above, it would be a private affair so you also could't argue for the health concern of others. None more than you could cigarettes, and those are legal.

    Legalizing it and delivering a proper education about it with FACTS and not the asinine scare tactics is the best way to ensure that people do not abuse it. Smoking it does not make you do stupid or do bad things... No. If you make stupid choices, you will do whether you smoke weed or not. So to prevent people from doing such stupid things when they smoke.. it is best to teach them about it fully and earnestly, so that they may rationally come to a conclusion about it themselves. They will not so easily respect a conclusion about it that is being forced on them by their parents/other adults. If people were knowledgeable about it and felt safe coming to authority figures about it... they would abuse it less. If they did abuse it and they got out of hand.. they would approach such authority figures and get help.. instead of how it is now where they hide away in fear of being shunned.

    And my last point to this argument...

    Marijuana is freakin' amazing. It is a beautiful plant that smells amazing! It is natural, and on this Earth of natural means, it is folly to condemn such things. It reaffirms relationships, dissolves differences, and inspires innovation. Anyone who would want to prevent access to something so wonderful is truly not of sane mind.
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