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    Another update since I wish to keep the thread alive. I'm adding in the vs screen images and the last pokemon message to the bosses for the Arenas I've already done, they might not have faces yet but I'm going to fill it in eventually. Starting with the last pokemon message, and I'll test after I get the vs screen done as well since the level 5 and 10 are both with only one pokemon so the last message is useless... :D

    I did the fossils yesterday although they haven't been tested. I did the unown as well so people can start collecting them in Beta 4. I do need to find some over worlds that I'm missing, and make a custom one for the woman in the last post that has a prize for you

    Three pokemon types are left to add in and I already have the base for the floors done, just have to make them all fancy. All indoor maps are finished, I just need some music for some of them and they are golden unless I add in more features. Now to make the vs. screen picture for the people, and then testing to make sure everything works out. Still waiting on any feedback from someone who's played.. I had over 50 downloads for 2.1 so someone must have tried it. :/

    Edit: One down 32 to go (33, including the Champion) I'm doing it without names, but I'd like opinions on if a name would be wanted? I like it without, but if more people want it, but it wouldn't be too difficult to type in a name.
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