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    I was recently inspired by Pokemon Conquest to totally redo my Pokemon and Kingdom hearts Crossover. It will take place only in worlds of Kingdom Hearts, but with Pokemon, and traveling through the Lanes Between. It will be focused on three main characters that are Keyblade wielders, and all friends with each other, that are training with Masters Eraqus, Yensid, and Nomekop. Each hero will come with their own unique story and some worlds are exclusive to a particular one's plot. But Master Xehanort wants to control all worlds, and Pokemon, for himself, and is unleashing the Heartless, and also closing the door to some Pokemon's hearts, to achieve his goals.

    Trava is a young woman, with her Knowledge, and a Chikorita, alongside a great sense of justice, she will do anything to protect her friends, Pokemon, and allies. She has green armor, red hair, and blue eyes.

    Ogon is an adolescent male, with his Emotion, and a Cyndaquil, alongside a childish attitude, he will persist at his goals until the end. He has red armor, blue hair, and green eyes.

    Vody is a great man, with his Willpower, and a Totodile, alongside a poor sense of Light and Darkness, he will do just about anything to prove to others that he is worthy of a Keyblade. He has blue armor, green hair, and red eyes.

    All three start out with a Kingdom Key. Trava's is colored like Palkia, Ogon's is colored like Dialga, and Vody's is colored like Giratina.

    (Fun fact: The names of our heroes are Russian for the type of Starter they have chosen.)

    The worlds are (brace yourselves for a long list of worlds)

    1. Land of Departure (all)
    2. Twinkling Town [Traverse Town and Twilight Town combined] (all)
    3. Enchanted Dominion (Vody only)
    4. Dwarf Woodlands (Ogon only)
    5. Castle of Dreams (Trava only)
    6. Wonderland (Vody only)
    7. Beast's Castle/Fabled Countryside (Ogon only)
    8. Agrabah (Trava only)
    9. Olympus Coliseum/Underworld (all)
    10. Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion (all)
    11. The Land of Dragons (Vody only)
    12. Prankster's Paradise/Monstro (Ogon only)
    13. The City of Bells [can't type it in French] (Trava only)
    14. Disney Town (Vody only)/Disney Castle (Ogon only)/Timeless River (Trava only)
    15. Atlantica (Vody only)
    16. Pride Lands (Ogon only)
    17. Space Paranoids (Trava only)
    18. 100 Acre Wood (all)
    19. Neverland (all)
    20. Keyblade Graveyard (all)

    Prepare for Pokemon Xrossed: Kingdom Hearts! Coming soon to Pokecommunity! VM or PM me with critique and praise!
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