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Originally Posted by CJBlazer View Post

Special refers to a ranged attack, such as a blast of flames or a forceful burst of water from a Pokemon.

Physical refers to a physical attack, such as a punch or kick.

Other refers to any attack that does not inflict damage

From the way Sludge Bomb looks, the Pokemon fires a huge bomb of toxic wastes at the opponent, so it would appear to be special.

Hope I helped.
Special doesn't determin Ranged attacks. Razor Leaf is Physical and is purely ranged.

Physical and Special are for manifestation as I saw someone post. Example Magical Leaf vs Razor Leaf. Magical Leaf, the user summons from nothing energy that takes the form of leaves that are fired at the opponent. Razor Leaf is used when the user fires leaves from its body at an incredible speed so that it can cut its opponent.

Special moves can make physcal contact as the user has to be close enough to touch the opponent to use it and at the same time some Physcial attacks don't have to make physical contact (which means the user isn't touching the opponent.)

From Bulbapedia:
Originally Posted by Physical Attacks
A physical move is one in which the user uses its physical strength or solid projectiles in order to damage its foes.
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