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    Celectic Town Ruins
    Bay woke up screaming in agony. The pain in his leg was unbearable and it throbbed nonstop, pain containtly pumping throughout his leg, pondering all that's happened and after a few hours He stumbled and after a few attempts, stood up. He went out to find a stick he could use as a staff to support his weight and keep him balanced if his leg gave away on him. He knew now that he would be unprepared for whatever was ahead in the path he was following. He slowly paced himself walking back the was he came, hopefully he'd be able to get a doctor to heal his leg. He limped all the way back the the base of the mountain that he passed through earlier and readied himself to walk though. He tripped several times catching himself wit his good leg. A familiar presence was on the other side of the cave and Bay knew it wasn;t the one he felt his first time passing thorugh. It was definitely a group of people, but Bay couldn't identify otherwise as his pain was overwhelming his keen sense. After cautiously limping through the cave with support of his stick he reached the other side of the cave and headed towards the exit, light beaming through. He limped with less haste and as he approached the exit the light inflicted pain on his eyes and his leg became agitated causing him to fall over in the middle of the ground. When he fell he let out a constrained moan of pain but caught himself.

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