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Originally Posted by Shiny Zard
Great, Great!
It looks great! I can't wait to play!!
This seems very interesting!
Also, Very Nice Tiles
Originally Posted by lizzzz
You know, I was just reading this the other day and was sad that the thread was closed! I'm very happy there is new progress Everything is outstandingly beautiful!
Thanks for the support!

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple
OMG OMG OMG Welcome back, SA1 I love that mart -***- PC thingy! It's really cool But sad thing is if ur computer hadn't crashed back then, you would have been able to create a beta and perhaps enter HotQ Anyways, good luck!!!
Maybe the next HotQ We'll see how progress goes. I wont be giving up on this anytime soon, that's for sure!

Originally Posted by kebbles
wow, this is cool!
the tiles are really nice, lets just hope your scripting goes in well with them.
the hero overworld is nice, do you have a sprite for it yet?
and the pokemon center and mart are cool.
good luck
Thanks! I certainly hope that my scripting won't be fail

The hero overworld does have a trainer sprite.

Originally Posted by Gerokunz
Wow! You're back! With an awesome update!
I'm looking forward for Beta! Good luck with continue-ing it!


Tiles/palettes are 99% done for beta 1 (unless I think of a bunch more that I want to add), and mapping is moving more quickly as well. Hopefully I will have another update soon before I start scripting for real!

Also, I forgot to mention that I updated the screenshots on the OP to be current (a few palette changes and redone maps over the past month).