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    Just realized this thread existed and decided to get some feed back on a few of my maps. All the maps come from my Touhoumon Fangame in RMXP, save for one which comes from my Touhoumon DevKit.

    Pallet Town
    I decided to rework it a bit because I was never quite fond of the original layout, but I guess it was understandable from a development standpoint for the starter town.

    Route 1
    I needed to have Route 1 reflect Pallet Town's water addition, so I had to alter the map a bit. I kept it close to the original, while throwing in a bit of my own design into it.

    Viridian City
    Since the game takes places 7 years after GSC, I decided to keep the Trainer House in this. The design heavily resembles the original, but also has its own bit of flair to it.

    Route 22
    I had a bit of a headcanon for Route 22 and Route 23 in the GSC Era. You see, Route 23 wasn't in GSC at all, save for that small sliver of area before the Indigo Plateau. I always wondered "Why isn't it there?" Came up with the theory that there was a mudslide from higher up and a minor earthquake which wrecked the route. Eventually, they cleared the route and fixed it up for trainers challenging the league. Route 22 and 23 were altered to resemble the changes. That gatehouse that is down by the left is also the entry way into the Johto Region.

    Pewter City
    Changed a bit for the game. Overall, I wasn't overly fond of most of the design of Kanto's cities and towns, so decided to change a vast majority.

    Border's Edge Village
    This map is for the Touhoumon Development Kit. Before the latest version of Essentials, I had an example of a Credits Script here from what they provided. This map has a mart which will contain all items added to the DevKit for purchase. That giant building is my example of a Hotel System, which isn't relevant to this picture at the moment.

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