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    Ok, I'm tired of attempting to put tiles, everytime I get close, it keeps on messing up. I'll add tiles when we get a good tiler, because I have to keep on searching for tiles online and they usually are not in the correct pallete, plus I want them to be original to our game, if I get a public one their is a good chance that someone else is going to use them. So for now, we'll just start making the game without the tiles, yolo lol. I'm going to need help to find out how to edit the player's sprite after i get a backsprite and an overworld for him,(which we currently do not have right now xD). I'm going to need a spriter to sprite some pokemon, or at least the starter pokemon, I also need some questions answered, 1. How should I start the game? Should I have them pick a starter, or should I have them only have one. 2. If they could pick the starter, should I let them pick it, or they have to answer a series of questions to see which they pick. If they can't pick their starter, which pokemon should they have to get? 3. I need help picking the gym type orders, and elite four, I want this game to be extremely hard, so I need a good set up of hard gym and elite four orders. 4. Should I raise the prices for certain items to make the game extra hard? 5. At the end of the game, should I add wild pokemon over level 70, maybe at one point I should have them as level 100? 6. Should I have a follow me script where the pokemon follows you where ever you go? 7. Please recommend me some other stuff to add to the game.