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To make a good team, you should have members of different types. You can't have more than 2 similar types, or else your team would have a disadvantage against other opponents - I'm sure you know this by now.

What I recommend would be Lucario/Scrafty for fighting-types, Darmanitan/Chandelure for fire-types, Krookodile/Excadrill for ground-types, for starters. Others such as Galvantula/Eelektross for electric-types, Crobat/Sigilyph for flying-types, Haxorus/Hydreigon for dragon-types and many others are also great choices.

It's rather what types you personally really want for a team that matters. I recommend the above based on experience/from what I've read, but it's best for you to try out what suits you the most. All the best on your replay of White 2. :)