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    The only part of this chapter I liked was Kurotsuchi's lecture about broken bankai.
    Inb4 Orihime...

    The scene with Kon was stupid, pointless and random....

    I was unimpressed with Squad 0. Only 5 members?
    And all 5 together are supposed to be stronger than all 13 Court Guard Squad Captains together?
    The extreme Pompadour haircut Yukuza look has been so over done. :/
    I think we can all reasonably guess that the female on the left is Hikifune...
    The man on the far right reminds me of Flavor Flav. >.>

    Hey, look at what I found on Gelbooru the other day...
    (the link is safe, I'm hosting the image on my photobucket account)

    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama
    Keiri! I love Bleach!
    Zanpakuto Name: Na Shi Ryuu (Death Dragon)
    Type: Unclassified
    Zanpakuto Spirit: The spirit of Na Shi Ryuu is a black dragon with red markings all over its body (see below).
    Release Command: Blaze over the ashen skies
    Shikai Details: Na Shi Ryuu creates a heavy, blood-red mist that makes enemies feel despair and hopelessness, and also dulls their senses immensly, allowing the wielder to dispatch them with ease.
    Bankai Name: Zetsumyou Na Shi Ryuu (Heavenly Death Dragon)
    Bankai Details: When an enemy is pricked by Zetsumyou Na Shi Ryuu, their brain becomes confused for a minute, meaning that a different nervous response moves a different part of the body, then after that minute, the enemy dies and their spirit energy is absorbed by Zetsumyou Na Shi Ryuu and transferred to the wielder.
    Anything Else: Na Shi Ryuu is unclassified because it is so rare and so deadly.
    Hello and welcome to the Bleach fan club on Pokecommunity Forums!
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    For the shikai name of your zanpakuto, you might want to try Shiryō (死竜)
    I don't speak/read/write Japanese and I pulled that from Google Translate.
    But it does seems to work good at short phrase translations.
    And for the bankai name, Ten shiryō (天死竜) might work better.

    Also, the bankai abilities seem odd and vague.
    Maybe the blade could secret a poison that effects an enemy's nervous system soon after they are cut.
    And after several minutes, the poison's effect rapidly accelerates (for lack of a better term atm) and destroys their nervous system, causing death.