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Mothball stared as well when people just seemed to go through so... professionally. Maybe it had said on the invitation what kind of etiquette was required? None of them seemed to notice the two of them there. It's not like he could blame them; he was almost excited enough about getting a Pokemon that he might accidentally walk himself off a cliff.

Huh. Note to self: don't walk off a cliff after getting a Pokemon.

Eri looked unimpressed at their unhesitating actions. Mothball marvelled at it. He would probably marvel at a sneaker at that point, because everything was just stoking the fires of his anticipation higher.

"Should we go... just go look inside?" Eri asked, walking away. It startled him a little but then he beamed.

"Yeah!" he said enthusiastically, scrambling to catch up. He tripped at the doorway, but managed to grab the frame in time to keep himself from falling flat on his face. That would have been an auspicious start to his adventure. Then again, falling on his face pretty much defined his life at this point.

The laboratory was awesome, Mothball thought. There was a sense of chaotic order, with cool gizmos cluttered everywhere. And... he squinted. There seemed to be a purple bunny slipper poking out from one of the piles lying around, which made him smile.

There was another girl with Professor Vayne, and Mothball was torn between being scared of interrupting and pleading with the Professor to tell him that yes, he really did get to have his own Pokemon and that yes, it will be epic.

"Should we wait?" he asked Eri with a hint of nerves. He knew he probably wouldn't want someone else to just barge in and interrupt him when he was receiving his very first super-mega-awesome Pokemon. He waved a little at the girl talking to the Professor in case she was looking their way.

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