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    Professor Vayne

    "Ah, come in, come in!" the jolly professor called out to the two new trainers. "You must be the ones I've been waiting for!"

    The professor then placed rectangular machinery upon the table, next to what it looks like a tray with pokeballs. She then coughed as she addressed the trainers once again. "Welcome everyone," she said with an open smile. "As you know, I am Professor Vayne, the official researcher of the Zaude kingdom. And here is my haven. My laboratory to be exact! But... 'laboratory' is quite a boring name, don't you think? How about... A clinic? A loveeeeee clinic..."

    She then let loose a cherry chuckle. "Indeed, a love clinic designed to match make you trainers of course~" she explained. "Here, there is only one match of love that I'm going to assign to you all; a quest! Whether it be for love, or... for glory, it's up to you to decide!"

    She then made another chuckle as she then pointed to the trays of pokemon. "As you can see, this tray contains pokeballs that release certain pokemon," she explained as she adjusted her glasses. "These pokemon are going to be your first pokemon partners! Or should I say... pokemon love partners?" She let loose a louder laugh.

    (OOC: Juuust to help you guys out with the interaction a bit. ^_~)


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    Hehe, almost forgot about this~ It's okay if it's shiny btw; I...kind of don't mind. I can't wait to see what you come up with on your adventures!

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