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    Update #4

    -After a few hours, had managed to grind Delilah, Erica, Logan and Colton to Level 49. Alice and Sebastian reached Lv 50. Alice also had evolved into Vanilluxe.
    -Alice destroyed Draydens gym; though she only ended up gaining a couple of Levels
    -Defeated that Shadow Triad member with Sebastian.
    -Headed for the next Gym, in which Delilah was my star as she tore Marlon's team apart.
    -Got on the Frigate, in which Sebastian tore his way through the Grunts and Colress (I love Sebby so much ^.^)
    -Sebastian destroyed White Kyurem with 3 Fire Fangs.
    -Ghetsis was tough, but we managed to beat him.
    -Currently grinding on Route 23.

    Current Team:

    Sebastian [m] (Flareon)
    Relaxed Nature
    Lv 60
    -Fire Fang
    -Lava Plume

    Colton [m] (Ampharos)
    Jolly Nature
    Lv 54
    -Thunder Punch
    -Power Gem
    -Signal Beam

    Logan [m] (Scolipede)
    Naughty Nature
    Lv 54
    -Bug Bite

    Delilah [f] (Roserade)
    Quiet Nature
    Lv 57
    -Petal Dance
    -Giga Drain
    -Magical Leaf

    Erica [f] (Swanna)
    Brave Nature
    Lv 58
    -Air Slash

    Alice [f] (Vanilluxe)
    Brave Nature
    Lv 53
    -Ice Beam
    -Mirror Shot