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If you could create a special ability that only Lucario or Riolu could learn, what would it be and why?
Oo, this one's a toughie... I think it'd obviously have to draw on his aura powers, but something like the 'damage = power' trait is too obvious... I've never understood why Lucario's a Steel type, so I guess I'll use its ability to get rid of that! I'd have its ability make it so that Lucario's Steel typing only counts when using moves (so STAB still counts for Steel moves, but a Fire attack would do 1x damage since it no longer has the weakness from its Steel typing). This would be a great example of how Lucario can hone its powers to change the world around him and it'd make Lucario quite a lot better in my opinion, so I think it suits him well. As for a name, it'd be called Iron Heart or something rubbish like that. :D